With the latest release of Dodgeball bringing it up to a decent quality its time to think about where it should end up when it comes out of Early Access and beyond. Im dividing this up into two sections. The first is a set of features that will most probably […]

Dodgeball Early Access Roadmap

This is a huge update fixing many previous issues, adding new gamemodes, changing existing maps and a complete UI and systems overhaul. There is expected to be some bugs because of the massive changes so please report them on the Steam forums or at – support@313-studios.com User Interface & Branding […]

Dodgeball Update 0.3 Alpha

NOTE – This version is only live on the development branch due to issues for people with Strict NAT types. There is one or two big additions to this update and lots of small changes which will contribute to the much bigger planned update coming out at the end of […]

Dodgeball Update 0.2 Alpha

The basics are now all in place and tested with some further quality control happening over the next week before the initial Early Access launch. This is the first of many development blogs updating you on the progress for the game and what is to come in the future. As […]

Dodgeball Update 0.1 Alpha