313 Studios is an independent game development company based in the UK with the aim of making games that the larger AAA companies would probably never make.

The Team

Mark Robinson – Lead Developer/Artist

I started development in Unity 4 about 4 years ago, and after Unreal Engine became free I moved to that in 2015. Over this time ive also learned 3D modelling in Blender and material painting in Substance Painter. All that time ive mainly been a hobbyist; only making stuff in my free time outside of other work and education. I mainly use C++ for core gameplay stuff and expose those methods to Unreal Engines Blueprint visual scripting system. However in early 2017 I decided to go full time and revive an old project of Dodgeball which I initially made as a prototype. The games ive played a lot over recent years includes Counter Strike Global Offensive, Rust and Civilization V. Most games I enjoy are multiplayer and therefore most of the games ill be making will focus on multiplayer, although some might be playable in singleplayer modes.