For Customer Support

Customer support is done through the Steam forums for that particular game, if you have a question you should look through the forums first to see if your question has already been answered, otherwise post a new topic and ill respond when im able to unless someone else has already responded. Also check the frequently asked questions page for that game on this website and you might find the answer in there. As a last resort you can contact via email using –

For Press & Media Inquiries

If you’re a journalist you can contact me for a free game key at the below press email address, the email address must be an official one from the website you are wanting the key from and the site must be active.  I’m also happy to do interviews and answer any questions about my games. You can contact me via the below email and then if you wish to do an interview by voice such as Skype or Teamspeak you can discuss what is most appropriate for you by email. Thanks for your interest!

For Content Creators

If you’re a content creator you can also contact me for a free game key using the email address below, however please note that ill only provide keys to active channels with a certain amount of subscribers (1000+). YouTuber’s should use the email associated with their YouTube account as shown on their ‘About’ page on the channel, this is so I can verify im sending a key to the correct person. If you are on some other platform such as Twitch you should use an official email address (with a custom @ domain). These sort of checks have to be in place as recently people have been getting free keys and then just selling them on through key selling websites. Im happy to do interviews for content creators also, just let me know via email.

For Employers

If you’re interested in hiring me to help you work on your own game, or to consult relating to your game then I can give you a quote if you provide me with some more information. Please see the ‘Services’ section of the website to learn more about what I can offer. If you want to contact me to just get some more information you can just use the general contact email listed below.

General Enquiries

If there is anything else you might need, contact me via the email address below. I try to respond to emails when im able. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE 20th January 2018

The above emails were not working for a few weeks previously so if you’ve sent an email to one of the addresses you might have to resend your message if you haven’t received a response from myself. My apologies for not realising this sooner.