Dodgeball Devblog 3

Another development blog for Dodgeball. This time its mainly behind the scenes, including stuff about servers and some updates on its progress to getting out of Early Access.

Dedicated Servers

The dedicated server has come a long way with some auto-moderation abilities. You can now vote on the maps you want while waiting. The server auto-balances bots depending on the player number (with a max of 2 bots on each team), and also auto balances the teams by only letting people join certain teams when they get into the game. You can choose your team so you can play with a friend if there is space on a team but this depends on the amount of players in your game. Players are also automatically kicked for being idle. There are going to be rules set on the forums and if you see anyone breaking them please report them by filling out a report form (also going to be on the forums) with evidence (video or screenshot) and they’ll be banned.

When connected to a dedicated server, including the map voting.

Unofficial & Official Dedicated Servers

The servers will be hosted by myself initially, but as soon as the servers bugs/issues are fixed ill be releasing a version publicly so you can host a server yourself. These servers will initially not allow players to rank up to prevent cheating but when official servers are shut down (if there is a super low player count) then you will be able to rank up on your own servers too.


Much requested feature is now being added to some degree. The first version of which is basically going to just be a online game with bots played offline, but this will be extended once the multiplayer features are finished by adding things like a campaign mode and generally just improving the AI to make them better and adding support for more gamemodes.

AI Improvements

The AI are now basically aim-bots, this gives me the ability to give them a varied difficulty by making them worse to balance the difficulty. They still aren’t super smart and will do some pretty questionable things but the difficulty level is a start. They’ll receive further improvements which improves their normal behaviour.

Server Hosting Issues

For people that had issues connecting to others or not seeing their servers appear should be pleased to know this is probably going to be fixed in the next update. Another issue that should be solved is if you try to host a server a 2nd time, it will work instead of you having to restart the game first.

Early Access Update

Its about 6 months since Dodgeball was first released and about 2-3 months since its last big update. The game is progressing very close to completion as laid out by the Early Access Roadmap. The things which are on the confirmed features are almost at completion with the Dedicated Servers coming soon, and then the progress on the unconfirmed features will begin, which will include mainly the singleplayer mode (which includes better AI) and rewind hit detection. The kill cams and VR are at a much lower priority. I hope to include singleplayer pretty soon as this will supplement lower player counts currently and in the future.

Speaking of low player counts, its hard to get people that play Dodgeball online at the same time. Because of this the game will be going on sale for 50% off in a few weeks. Add it to your wishlist if you are interested but haven’t purchased it yet. After this sale it will come out of Early Access depending on player feedback as the majority of the game will be complete. Coming out of Early Access means that the game is in a more final state but it will still receive updates although they won’t be huge or game changing like the previous updates. Expect more content like maps, but the priority will be on fixing any bugs found in the final game. Then after a bit of time the game will only receive major bug fixes as required, but more on that when the time comes.

Thanks for sticking around for another Dodgeball update. See you in the gym!

-313 Studios