Dodgeball Update 0.3 Alpha

This is a huge update fixing many previous issues, adding new gamemodes, changing existing maps and a complete UI and systems overhaul. There is expected to be some bugs because of the massive changes so please report them on the Steam forums or at –

User Interface & Branding Update

The game has a completely different UI. Everything has been re-branded to the new style also. If you’re a new player of Dodgeball you won’t notice anything different but if you played a previous version then you can see the massive increase in quality and usability. To demonstrate this difference further, below are some screenshots showing the difference.

Improved Lobby System

The lobby system has also been overhauled as part of the UI changes. Although the basic functionality is the same as before it is much better laid out and easier to use with some functionality changes, such as now it also tells you how many other people are online playing Dodgeball, so you can judge if no servers are showing up or if no-one is also playing at the same time (currently the game has a very small player base). As with all the other UI updates it will need future improvements also and polishing up. As stated in more detail later on this will eventually include both ranked and unranked games. Currently in this version those features are still under development and won’t be unlocked until they are tested further. The next version of Dodgeball should feature the unranked system which automatically finds a suitable game using the default gamemode settings.

NAT Traversal

Sometimes you aren’t able to host a game and other people connect because your routers Firewall is blocking the connections to your local IP. This is a simplified way to look at NAT but all you need to know is that in the new version of Dodgeball a 3rd party system has been implemented which allows most people to automatically get around this. During testing it appears that some routers are still quite strict and you will need to port forward manually if your game doesn’t show up in the server browser. You could also try connecting directly to an IP address. In the future with dedicated servers this will become less of an issue. If you’re desperate to host your own games and it doesn’t work you should try port forwarding, and first check Windows firewall isn’t stopping any connections!


Handball is quite like soccer but it didn’t make much sense to call it that as you don’t ever use your feet in Dodgeball. In this gamemode you have to throw the soccer ball into the other teams goal to score a point. There are three rounds as default in a single game.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is very similar to Classic except it allows specials and respawns. The team with the most kills at the end of the two rounds wins.

There are more planned which might come in a smaller version along with bug fixes from the main version, they are listed below in the upcoming features section.

Improved Spectator

There are now 4 spectate modes, static; where you can view from a specific point in a map, free-roam; where you can fly around and go where you like, third person; where you can watch a specific player in a third person perspective, and lastly first person which is just watching someone from the perspective they are able to see also. When spectating a specific player in first and third person it shows extra details such as the information on the score board is.

Updated Maps

All maps have been updated mostly in terms of performance, this was mainly done in preparation for potential VR development in the future but you should notice a benefit especially on lower end hardware.  Alongside those improvements maps have been mostly visually improved. Gym has been updated to a completely new version. Lava and Lunar have been changed to speed up gameplay.

Scoring System

You can now earn points for getting a kill or catches. You lose points for dying. You then rank based on your score in the scoreboard. In the future these scores will be used to define your overall ranking. Currently you only get points for kills or catches but in the future you’ll be able to score points for goals in handball or other specific things like headshots, double kills etc.

AI Improvements

Unless you downloaded the development build version recently you won’t of noticed the AI added to the game. Well in addition to them being present in the normal build they’ve been further optimised so that they perform better. They will still have an impact on performance, if this is a problem for you, you should lower the amount of bots you have. This will only be an issue on low end hardware. They also only have a fixed difficulty setting, so if you want a harder game, spawn more bots, if you want a less difficult games spawn less.

Future Updates

This update forms a lot of the foundations for the future of the game too. Here are the parts which are planned for the near future.

Ranked Multiplayer

The main things are a ranked multiplayer experience similar to things like CSGO or Call of Duty where you can rank up based on experience points but also match making based on your ability. This will be hosted using official dedicated servers to prevent any cheating and also provide a more stable experience for players. This will need some setting up so the first version of this your ranks will probably be reset after a week or so of testing. But more details will be provided at the time.

Unranked Multiplayer

This is where players do not get XP or ranked but instead automatically join or create a game using the default settings. This is a more consistent experience than using a server browser and the hosting game method which will eventually be removed in favour of this system although you’ll still be able to host your own games and invite people to them.

More Gamemodes

There were a few more gamemodes in the works that haven’t made it in this version that need to be finished off. More on those soon.

Rewind hit detection

Hit someone on your screen but didn’t register as a hit? This is probably because you had a high ping, sometimes there are other reasons for this too but its mainly because you’re always slightly out of sync with the server. This system would be able to check the time difference and rewind to see if you actually had hit the player at the time you threw the ball. Included in this would also be better hit detection as sometimes actual hits do not register and im aware of this.

Virtual Reality

This is still planned but only after the aforementioned stuff is complete. VR players will play in a separate mode and not with other non-VR players. It is only planned to be supported with the Oculus Rift at this time as thats the only headset I can test on. More details of this in later versions.

Singleplayer gamemodes

Along with adding AI difficulty I want to add some singleplayer gamemodes so you can practice the game without having to go online. This would ideally also have a tournament mode where you have to create a team

Character Customisation

Adding the ability to customise your character such as adding hats, changing the colours, adding a team emblem and that sort of thing. This will be in as a reward for playing well in the ranked multiplayer matches and you unlock them depending on your XP earned so you can show off how experienced you are by the hat you’re wearing or something.


I totally forgot about VOIP or Voice Communication before this update, and my quick implementation in the last few days hasn’t really worked. So ill be putting out a fix for it in the near future but in the mean time accept my apologies for this not working!

Thanks for reading this update if you’ve gotten this far, theres a bit more to come in Dodgeball still and ill be sharing how I plan to finish it off and bring it out of early access in the next few weeks so you’ll have an idea of what the final product will be like. Its probably going on sale during the winter holiday sale, but the price might rise shortly after this.