Unreal Engine Tutoring

I do one hour tutoring sessions teaching you how to use Unreal Engine 4 and its features. It costs £15 for an hour. To make the most out of the session you should list the specific areas you want me to cover in advance then I can prepare examples for you and also notes which you can keep after the session. If you want me to look at a particular project with you please give this to me beforehand so I can download it and look over the parts before talking so the hour is spent learning and not me working out what your code is trying to do!

Short-term fixed rate work

Have a bug that you just can’t work out whats wrong? Need features adding to your game quickly? Then maybe I can help. I can work on your project for a short time period to help you implement new features or improve/fix existing ones.

The rate charged for this work is anywhere from £15-20 an hour depending on the work being undertaken (the hourly rate will be quoted before work begins). You should also provide a cap on the time I should spend on your project. This amount will be the maximum you could end up spending depending on how long it takes me to finish what you have asked for. So a 10 hour cap means you should be prepared to spend a maximum of £200 (if the work is quoted at £20 an hour). Any work above 5 hours requires a £50 deposit before being undertaken, if for some reason the project takes less time than 2 hours you will be refunded the difference. You will only be invoiced on the time it has taken so even if you have a 10 hour cap but I only take 5 hours to complete something then you will only be charged for 5 hours. If you have any questions about the pricing or anything else relating to this service please contact me!

Please note that while I make every effort to complete the work given to me in the time frame specified, every project is different and I cannot guarantee everything will be completed in the time frame given. Also note that more complicated features might be charged at a different rate or not undertaken at all, especially if its not something in my skillset or something I specialise in. I will be able to say if this is the case for your project when you contact me.

Skills & experience

  • 2+ years Unreal Engine experience, 2 years previous in Unity
  • UE4 networking/multiplayer
  • Code and detailed rendering optimisation experience
  • Interest in Artificial intelligence & VR development
  • C++ and blueprint
  • One released game

The above skills are the things I specialise in although I have general knowledge in other game development areas too. If you want help with something in particular let me know and ill be able to say if I can help, or maybe I can point you in the direction for someone else that can better help.

Contacting me

You can contact me on a few different methods listed below. Feel free to contact me with questions, please state in your message or subject line which service you are enquiring about. Thanks for your interest!

Email –

Discord – Razer313#6535