For Customer Support

Please check the frequently asked questions page for the game you want support on, which will usually be found on that games individual website. If that doesn’t answer your question please email at the address below. The only official support is given through this email.

For Press & Media Inquiries

If you’re a journalist you can contact us for a press copy of a game at the below email address, the email address you send from must be an official one associated with your website.  I’m also able to do interviews and answer any questions about my games. If you wish to do an interview please send a list of questions you want to ask so some answers can be prepared, and then we can arrange to do a voice interview if necessary. Thanks for your interest!

For Content Creators

If you’re a content creator you can also contact me for a free game key using the email address below, however please note that ill only provide keys to active channels with a certain amount of subscribers (1000+). YouTuber’s should use the email associated with their YouTube account as shown on their ‘About’ page on the channel, this is so I can verify im sending a key to the correct person. If you are on some other platform such as Twitch you should use an official email address (with a custom @ domain). Im happy to do interviews for content creators also, just let me know via email.

General Enquiries

If there is anything else you might need, contact me via the email address below. I try to respond to emails when im able. Thanks for your patience.

Notes about keys

If you are being provided with game access via a key you will be given one month to activate it and produce any content associated with it. After one month if nothing can be found in relation to it on your site/channel, then the key will be revoked. This is to prevent key reselling. Customers are not recommended to use such sites as these keys can be fraudulent.