We aim to share some things we think will help other developers during the making of our own games.


We currently only provide support via email (see Contact). As 313 Studios only has one member currently (despite the use of ‘we’ almost everywhere), I can only provide support relating directly to the plugin, I can’t provide assistance if you need help with the engine or if you’re trying to implement a feature outside of the scope of the plugin. This is because it just takes too much of my time, which I would rather be spending developing games and plugins further!

I aim to get back to all support requests within 48 hours, although there are some times where this might not be possible. If you do not hear anything back within a few days, please resend a message and ill try to get back to you ASAP. Please don’t leave support requests in the comments section of the asset page, as these won’t be notified to me. If you have a suggestion for a feature of the plugin, feel free to email this to me, and ill let you know if I plan on implementing something. Give as many details as possible about what you would like to see for your specific project, and ill see what I can do if its within reason.

As a marketplace user myself, I know how important quick updates of a plugins for new engine versions are, and how useful fast support is. I pledge to try and do this for all the plugins sold, however there are sometimes delays from the marketplace team and sometimes an engine version might alter large parts of a plugin, causing a complete refactor of the system. In those particular scenarios, there might be a short delay, so please leave a few days between a new engine version for an update.

If you think a plugin has been useful, and if support provided has been of a good standard, please leave a review on the asset page, it really helps a lot!

Thank you